FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: We can manage your cash flow and prepare all of your budgets. We can do your payroll, pay all of your bills, manage your bank accounts, and furnish you with detailed financial and management reports - as often as you request. We also collect your income from all sources worldwide and if your check doesn't show up on time, we go after it. These services can be tailored to your business and this would include the areas of touring, recording, film, television, books, performing rights and music publishing. We can also take care of your personal finances too.

TAX PLANNING, PREPARATION AND PLAYING CATCH-UP: Our tax experts at Lawrence Blau and Associated LLC, will guide you through tax planning in late fall and tax preparation early in the new year. Larry has an MBA in Taxation and has been a Tax Manager for over 30 years. If you know what your tax liability is well before year's end, you still have time to make some financial moves that could reduce your tax burden. Haven't filed your tax return in a year or two or a few or many? No problem, we can get you caught up and back on track.

REVENUE SHARING AND ROYALTY ACCOUNTING: If you receiving income from multiple sources you may find that the timing and contractual differences create confusion. Are you responsible for accounting to other participants? We can provide you with complete and accurate revenue share and/or royalty accounting statements on whatever basis you require. Our statements are remarkably detailed and address all revenue participants from sources worldwide. We do this monthly for half a dozen labels and a dozens of indie artists.

ENTITY FORMATION: Sometimes it is wise to have separate entities for touring, recording and music publishing. Should you form a corporation or an LLC for your touring activities and which is better for your tax situation? Are there any tax advantages that ring true in the music business for having an LLC versus an S Corp? Will a partnership suffice for your recording activities or should you incorporate? How about your music publishing company? Years of real time experience in anticipating and witnessing problems give us the wisdom to help you set things up properly from day one. There are also liability issues, which go hand in hand with the tax implications. Do yourself a favor, drop the iFn an email and don't try this at home.

MUSIC BIZ CONTRACTS: Negotiating a deal? Getting out of a deal? Don't understand the financial or tax implications of a deal? We will go over any contracts with you and advise you on the financial and tax implications. We are not attorneys but we can recommend some good entertainment lawyers if you need one, who still care and actually have a heart. They can go over the legal issues with you, or we can work directly with your current entertainment attorney. No surprises here, believe us, we have seen it all.

MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES: Once you get on board with us, a laundry list of services opens up to you. We can help you in all areas of your financial life - such as, Leasing vs. Buying, Insurance and Risk Management, Credit Repair and loan and mortgage assistance. We also provide the numbers for Business Plans. We can help you put your dream on paper. Have a problem we haven't covered here? Get in touch and let's have a chat. Our services are remarkably affordable!

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