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Yup, thirty years. Hard for any of us to believe. Where does the time go? We celebrated on our beautiful lake in Putnam County, New York - with a concert featuring "Three Stories Tall". Here is my heartfelt thank you letter and the press release that circulated at a News Service near you: click here. I don't even know how else to go about thanking all of you - for being so incredible gracious and supportive over the years! Let's keep moving forward, the fun is just starting!

ALAN DOUGLAS: JULY 20, 1931 – JUNE 7, 2014

We were deeply saddened to learn of the death of our friend and client Alan Douglas on June 9th. Alan was 83 and died in Paris. Although a lot of the work he did with Jimi Hendrix was certainly controversial, his supporters credit him with maintaining, if not reviving, Hendrix’s musical legacy during the 1980s and 1990s - and note that many younger fans appreciated the access to the then out-of-print material included on many of Douglas’ release. With the death of Alan Douglas, the world has lost one of its most important music producers in recent times. Douglas was not well known except to those in the industry, he was a behind the scenes guy responsible for more incredible music than people realize. Music that changed and shaped people’s lives. Think about John McLaughlin and the Lost Poets. Hendrix got along with Douglas because Douglas was about music – pushing musical boundaries, putting together extraordinary musical talent in unique combinations to synergistically create music that had never been heard before. They had that in common. Douglas introduced Hendrix to Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Gil Evans, John Mclaughlin and the Last Poets among others. There is a comprehensive bio of Alan and his life here, and a great article on his achievements in Jazz Fusion here. He will most certainly be missed.

Special thanks goes out to the good folks at More Sugar. Tom, Victoria and Karen decided - out of the goodness of their hearts - to publish a feature on the indieFINANCIALnetwork in the January issue. They have also asked me to write a monthly article for the paper through June 2014. The February issue featured an article we wrote called "How to Find A Manager" and the March issue has our story "That Elusive Career-Breaking Song". The April issue was "The Music Business and Cash" - and both the May and June articles are both about record labels - "Record Labels Defined" and "The Record Label of the Future". You can read the articles we wrote here.


Springtime has been pretty good to Bernadine so far, who is being featured in the outrageously cool Swedish online girlz and carz magazine called Pinups And Kustoms and won a "Best of Show" trophy. RIck wrote the story and the magazine is publishing it in three parts. Thanks to entrepreneur, designer and guitarist extraordinaire "RocketMan" for his interest, support and help with this project - and for creating such a cool magazine. One of the largest car shows in the world takes place in Sweden and they can't get enough of the good old American 1950's hot rods. The rumor is that the magazine is going to a print version this fall and that Bernadine is going to be on the cover. To take a look at the article please click here. More to come as spring unfolds.


We had a spectacularly beautiful day onoe sunny sunday - and decided to head to Katonah, New York for the Katonah Lion's Club 16th Annual Car Show. There disappointingly was not an appearance by local regular Martha Stewart, but Bernadine was in rare form and the good judges awarded her with a Best of Show Trophy, among over 300 cars. Special thanks to the judges and the members of the Lion's Club, who raised a nice sum of money for the local community and their scholarship fund. The rumor is that the old school rodz like Bernadine are leading a heroic comeback in the automotive world, which we seemed to pick up on. Even some of the younger folks who usually walk on by stopped to discuss her intricacies. Thanks to all for a fantastic time! For the full story abou the restoration of this 1929 Ford Model A Hot Rod click here and go to Pinups and Kustoms - or for the photo diary click here.


Kudos go out to Alan Mayes of Car Kulture Deluxe magazine for publishing an article on "Bernadine". The article features photos of the car by pin up and classic car photographer extraordinaire Viva Van Story. For the photo diary of the restoration of this 1929 Ford Model A Hot Rod go here.



Click on any CD cover above to check out some Happy the Man and to go directly to the "Everything Happy the Man" Music Page

I get inquiries on a regular basis about the band I co-founded Happy the Man. There is a site that I have constructed here which has the history of the band since our formation in 1973. The official site is here which covers the reunion years only - basically from 1999 - 2006. Hope you enjoy them both!



Below is my bass collection, which features PRS #11, hand made by Paul Reed Smith in 1977-78. It has been featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine. The collection is very unique, and features several one-of-a-kinders. If you are interested in such crazy things, feel free to click on the basses below and you will taken to all the details about their history and origin.

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